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Leigh and the Depoofing!

Weddings are EXPENSIVE! And wedding dresses are no exception! So when we have a very budget-conscious bride that was gifted a dress that is not at all their style, we are all about making it work! Because alterations are not something people have done every day it can seem daunting to really change the shape and style of a finished dress but we promise it can be done!

Our lovely bride Leigh was gifted a gown for her wedding that she liked parts of but not the overall look. She loved the glamorous sparkly top but she felt like she was getting lost in all the “poof”. Thus the depoofing began!

Yes, sparkles!

No to poof!

To start we removed all of the pick-ups. We had to be really careful when removing the pick-ups to not damage the delicate netting.

There were a lot of them which were contributing to the “poof” factor!

Then we decided to remove a layer of crinoline.

And another layer of crinoline!

Leigh also decided she did not want a train because she was having a beach wedding and wanted to be able to walk as easily as possible on the sand, so we removed that as well.

All of this trimming created a lot of poof!

Once we removed all that poof Leigh was a happy bride!

In addition to the depoofing her dress also needed standard alterations. We hemmed it, took in the bust, moved the cups, moved the corset back panel, wired the neckline, and repaired missing beads.

We were so happy Leigh ended up with the dress she wanted for her wedding day! She looked beautiful in her poof-free dress!

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