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Let's Talk Custom Veils

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

One of our fabulous #becomingbridal brides Kayla had a beautiful but simple veil that she wanted to customize with the extra pieces of lace from her dress.

We took our time to carefully select and cut pieces of lace that fit together to perfectly accent the edge of her veil.

When selecting the lace we were looking for individual pieces that had complimentary and unique shapes.

It was a lot of trial and error and taking a step back to see what it looked like from all angles.

We hand stitched each piece of lace to the veil.

The veil took over 35 hours to make and it came together so beautifully we were really pleased with it!

We loved creating a custom piece that has a story and can be passed down to generations of brides!

Photography by Tamera's Camera


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