About the Team

A dream? It very well could be. Our names are Laura and Bea and we own Becoming Bridal Alterations. We truly love what we do and we are best friends, so you could say that we are living the dream. Between us we have over ten years of experience with altering bridal gowns. Of course, we have been sewing a lot longer than that! Bridal work suits us because we enjoy the detail and precision it takes, even to our family's wonder. We even tease that we are bustle snobs. You can expect quality work from us because we were trained by a master seamstress and we really care! Our goal is to fit your dress uniquely to you. We want you to exude confidence on your special day. Our smiles are provoked by a job well done and seeing you smile at the end of the process. 

We'd be happy to hear from you if your portraits or event is November 2022 or later