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What to Expect


It's not every day that you go to a seamstress, so here is a general overview of our process. We meet with most brides for three appointments spread out over three months. There are some exceptions to this process. Some dresses can be completed in two fittings while others may need more intricate work and additional fittings.

You will try on your dress with the shoes and undergarments that you plan to wear on the big day. You will need these same shoes for every fitting. 
We will pin your dress from shoulders down to the hem and go over all of the alterations that our eyes can see to make the fit just right. We’ll talk about your vision and discuss any changes or customizations you have in mind such as adding a belt, sleeves, or changing the neckline.
At the end of this appointment, we show you an itemization of the price for the work that we intend to do. This is a great time to ask questions and get clarification. We break the payments into three installments, one due at each fitting.  

Your First Fitting


Your Refit

When you try on your dress this time, it may look a little different. We are pausing in our work to check the main fit of your garment before finishing all of those detailed touches. Your dress is in the middle of its transformation and there may be loose lace or beading and pins or colored thread holding things in place. 
Do not fear! 
We are checking all that we have done and making little tweaks to further perfect the fit. We wait to cut away your hems until we see that they are laying just right. 
Your second payment is due at this time and you leave your dress with us to be finished.


Your Final Fitting

It is very exciting! Expect to bring your dress home today. You will try it on one more time and we will make sure that everything is right and will probably ooooh and aaaaah!
If for some reason we still need to tweak a little, again, do not fear! We will either do this while you wait or schedule another fitting if necessary. The final payment is due at this time. You're all set for your wedding! Well, the dress, at least.


We love communication!

If for some reason, the dates of your fittings need adjustment, please reach out as soon as you can. E-mail and text are the easiest ways to contact us since we might be in the middle of fitting another bride. Also, everyone intends to be on time for appointments and most people are prompt. In the odd case that you get caught in traffic or stuck at work for a little longer than you intended, please call or send a quick text! That allows us to keep on sewing for as long as we can or communicate with other brides that might have an appointment after yours.

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