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The tale of Abbie and her beautiful bridal cape!

We love when brides want to create a legacy piece from their mother’s dress or veil that can be passed on to future brides in their family. Having a piece from the most significant day in their parent's love story is such a beautiful idea! All the love that came before brought the couple to their wedding day and we love to be a part of honoring that.

Our Becoming Bridal Bride Abbie came to us with a gorgeous silk bridal cape that she wanted customized to include pieces of lace from her mother's wedding veil.

While beautiful, the bridal cape did not stay on Abbie particularly well, so alterations were needed. We wanted the cape to compliment the shape of her wedding gown and look beautiful in all of her photos so having the straps from the cape subtly attach to her dress was the perfect way to achieve this!

Not a strap in sight!

We carefully removed the lace from her mother’s veil which was in a long repeating pattern that was relatively simple to remove.

We played around with the placement on the cape to find which way complimented the beauty of the cape the best.

Our goal when adding lace to an existing piece is to make it look intentional and like it was there all along. We also wanted the lace trim on the cape to compliment the shape and scalloped edge of the skirt of her wedding dress.

Here we have it all planned out; it just needs to be attached.

The lace trimmed the edge of the cape perfectly once attached.

Here we have before:

And here is after:

The cape was made of gorgeous silk that needed to be very carefully pressed to avoid damaging the fabric. Silk needs to be treated very delicately so we recommend not ironing it with your everyday iron or steamer and having it professionally pressed for your wedding. Our very talented presser Wendy has amazing attention to detail, and she pressed Abbie’s cape to perfection!

Abbie also wanted to use the headband that originally held her mother’s veil as an accessory for her rehearsal dinner. We thought that was such a fun way to also include a piece from her parent's wedding day at the rehearsal dinner! The veil had been attached with glue and after many years was hard and sharp on the underside of the headband and would have been poking Abbie in the head. To not damage the fabric by removing the old glue on the headband we added a silk ribbon along the underside of the headband to cover the glue. The silk ribbon complimented the design, matched the aesthetic of the headband, and added to its overall beauty!

We loved working with Abbie! She was all smiles and radiated kindness and positivity! The meticulously pressed finished cape beautifully accented the gorgeous Abbie’s beautiful gown on her big day perfectly.

Abbie’s Vendors:

Photographer Katelyn Ortego @katelynortego

Wedding Planning @hoseahousecollective

Stationery @enloveoccasions

Wedding Dress @thesentimentalistatl

Food + Beverage Verbena Events @verbenaeventsavl

Florist Carolina Flowers @carolinaflowrs

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